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A Neurodivergent Coming-of-Age Story

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The Schneider's aren't a neurotypical family. A year after the death of their mother, Samantha "Sam" Schneider (Jessica Hoechstetter), a teenage girl with ADHD, and her twin autistic sister Jaclyn "Jack" Schneider (Kayleigh Jayne) must learn the rules if they wish to survive High School.

Created by neurodivergent filmmaker Justin Janoson, What's the Rule is an independent crowdfunded streaming series that features a majority disabled cast and crew.

What's the Rule Chapter 1 is out now only on the IndEP media YouTube Channel

Quinnipiac Chronicle

"Not your neurotypical show"

"Quinnipiac University student creates show with a goal of inclusivity and representation"

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"'Whats The Rule?" Interview (PART ONE)"


"Representing neurodiversity in the entertainment industry"

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