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Mission Statement

IndEP media is an award-winning production company committed to providing disabled artists opportunities in front & behind the camera through our slate of original films, series, and branded content.

Our Clients

"I can honestly say that in my 43 years in the TV/Film industry, nobody has impressed me more at this early point in their career than Justin Janoson has.  His passion, his drive, his determination, and his knowledge are what set him apart from anyone I’ve ever known. I’ve always taken pride in my ability to recognize great emerging talent, and Justin is at the head of the pack."

Bruce Taylor, Emmy Award Winning DP and founder of Taylorvision Productions

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Justin Janoson

Founder | President

Justin Janoson is an award-winning neurodivergent filmmaker.

At the age of 18, Janoson founded IndEP media. Drawing its name from the term "Individualized Education Plan," also known as an IEP, IndEP media is a production company that specializes in amplifying disabled voices through the creation of original series and films.

His latest project, WHAT'S THE RULE, has received an abundance of positive feedback and press thanks to its new spin on the coming-of-age genre and its authentic representation of the Neurodivergent, Queer, and Jewish communities in front and behind the camera.

During the initial crowdfunding launch, Patrick Schumacker (EP “Abbott Elementary”) tweeted his support of WHAT'S THE RULE, calling it a “personal film about neurodiversity.” 


Following the premiere of the WHAT'S THE RULE pilot, Janoson would go on to work with the production company American High as an accessibility advisor for their film festival, which takes place in Liverpool, New York.

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