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'SnapMaps' Release Date Officially Announced

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

IndEP Media's latest short film 'SnapMaps' gets an official release date. Taking place during the COVID-19 Pandemic, 'SnapMaps' is follows Liv Blanchard (Claire Murphy) and her best friend Annie Amell (Arianna Hertz) as they struggle to get on the same page.

Written and Directed by Justin Janoson, this is the first IndEP Media short film to be based on a true story.

The film is set for a YouTube and Vimeo debut on June 24, 2021 however, those wanting early access will be able to get it when donating to IndEP Media's first half-hour scripted streaming series titled 'What's the Rule?' via Seed&Spark. More details will be available April 7, 2021.

A documentary detailing the films production process is also set to debut sometime in the fall of 2021.


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