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Jessica Hoechstetter cast in lead for IndEP Media's First Neurodiverse Series 'What's the Rule'

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

IndEP Media’s “What's the Rule?” is starting to announce its neurodiverse cast, with Jessica Hoechstetter as the newest addition.

Jessica Hoechstetter’s an 18-year-old actress from Houston, Texas. In 5th grade, Jessica was diagnosed with ADHD. When Jessica went to high school, she was eligible for a 504 plan, which allows for students with disabilities to receive more time on assignments and tests.

Jessica would feel embarrassed staying behind in class after tests and being moved to other rooms for standardized exams. On top of this, Jessica also had to learn that being a Jewish American in the Bible Belt of the country would come with its own set of problems. She’s had to deal with antisemitism for her whole life.

Created by Justin Janoson, "What's the Rule?" follows the story of Samantha "Sam" Schneider (Jessica Hoechstetter) a teenage girl with ADHD, and Jaclyn "Jack" Schneider, her autistic twin sister. Following the death of their mother, the two are forced to coexist in the same school.

Jessica is the first in a long list of disabled actors set to be announced for the series. The crowdfunding campaign for the series is set to launch on April 7, 2021.

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