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Drawing our name from "Individualized Education Plan" also known as an IEP, IndEP media is a content development company that specializes in amplifying disabled voices through the creation of original series and films.

Our Current Goals include:

  • To fund and produce a full season of our neurodivergent coming-of-age dramedy What's the Rule

  • To help fund and distribute the work of disabled and underrepresented artists

  • To create jobs and opportunities for disabled individuals who are unable to enter the traditional workforce

  • To increase the budgets for our upcoming projects allowing us to put more resources into them and make them bigger and better

  • To expand our YouTube channel and the types of projects we are able to take on

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Our  Services


Film and TV Editing

This is where everything comes together and your vision comes to life.  Already have footage? You can hire us for post production only and recieve impactful and seamless editing.

vfx reelimage.gif


Whether its the removal of a sign, or the creation of an entire world, IndEP media provides professional VFX, and compositing services tailor fit for our clients needs.

Titles & End Credits

The creation of end credits can be stressful. Did you include all the correct logos? Are you sure there isn't a single mistake? Should it be static or scrolling? We can help you through it all.


Speaking & Disability Consulting

Participants will leave our presentation ready to overcome challenges and reach for their “impossible” dreams.


TikTok Editing

Whether you're a small creator, or a multibillion-dollar company, editing a time-consuming and tedious process. Not only that, but many editors fail to realize that different platforms require different editing styles. Instead of taking a one size fits all approach, IndEP media designs our edits to capture the audiences attention, and help grow your reach.


Color Grading

It's critical to make your project look its best. Color grading and correcting each shot to fit a specific mood or tone is important. On most projects 98% of the shots need some sort of grading. It makes a big difference!


Trailer Editing

Trailers, TV ads, and everything in between are frequently the audience's first introduction to the world of a film, program, or game. Bringing together the best of both entertainment and brand marketing philosophies, our team takes pride in creating work that elicits an emotional response and motivates our viewers to take action.

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